Amsterdam Part 3- 50 Hygiëaplein, Amsterdam

9. dried tulips-80x65 cm

This stage is the last stage in Holland for them as of now… They lived here for almost 5 years. These years I was in Los Angeles really starting my family, getting married, and on …Read More

Amsterdam – Part 2 – Jakob Obrecht Straat

2. willy 60 birthday

We continue on the Amsterdam chapter where Maron paints majestic pieces inspired by a cultural surrounding that is Amsterdam. Now they are living in Obrecht Straat in a beautiful place in the Gold Coast which …Read More

Amsterdam – Part 1- Amstel Dijk

6. interior Amstel dijk

Amsterdam! what an amazing city…Europe in general is a place that you can easily romanticize over. The history, the beauty, the food! OK well let’s get back to Amsterdam, my mother’s homeland. Now they live …Read More

Canary Islands to Amsterdam – New chapter in Sloten

7. Blue Hortensias-90x80 cm

I am now going to take you to the time span in which my parents moved from Canary Islands to Amsterdam. In essence from one homeland to the other and quite extreme in difference! They …Read More

Los Angeles Part 5- they go to Canary Islands and I stay…

10. Sosoles Artiga

This is the time when both of my parents went back to Spain, the Canary Islands to be exact and lived there for a while. My father wanted to go back home and be with …Read More

Los Angeles -Part 4. Cambridge St. and “La Corona Roja” exhibition

1 cambridge studio 96

Now we go to a different part of this great city, Maron returns from the Canary Islands and we live in LA; Venice & Western on Cambridge…BEAUTIFUL big house, 2 stories and completely redone inside …Read More

Los Angeles – part 3 – Exhibition in Canary Islands…Maron’s homeland

1 .book cover

MARON “En 1995 fui a Las Palmas y expuse en la galeria Saro Leon, una de las mas prestigiosas galerias de las islas Canarias. Para eso tuve que viajar y llevar los cuadros de Los …Read More

Los Angeles – Part 2

16. Salvador and his self portrait LA

We are now at the point where Maron is painting non stop, portraits and requests are coming in and he is busy! Visiting San Francisco…this was a very nice trip, my 1st and only time …Read More

Maron arrives in Los Angeles! – Part 1

7. painting N house

Now we enter an important phase as this is when he came to Los Angeles. A good friend of theirs by the name of Nancy Mehagian who they knew from Ibiza. Nancy offered to become …Read More


in the mirror

Here we are! my dad & I Below you can see the start of the painting of the studio in the enormous apartment in Madrid on Calle Atocha. This is the place where I started …Read More

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