Maron in NY NY – Big city of Dreams and more…

It is time to go for it again…this time I am going to share some drawings and art work that is truly beautiful. Now we find him in New York and he is with my mother at this point, they are young vibrant, free spirited and full of adventure! meeting people all the time and going to parties, I mean this is ’68-69 so you can imagine what things were happening then, can’t you?? he did a lot of drawings of my mom and you can sense there was a lot of sexual tension…I know I know this is kind of strange for me to notice but it IS there! let’s take a peek



I can totally recognize their home decor taste on the drawing below, the bed covered in beautiful linens. They made the best of any place with the collection of items they had…to this day they remain original in their home decor like everything about them…

This one is amazing…

Ok now I will share 2 self portraits…this first one is a drawing I really like. Psychedelic much?? I mean this is a really good self portrait and he let’s not forget how young he still was!


This next one is a beautiful painting that was a set of 2, one of him and one was my mother as “The Sun”, he was “The Earth”. I mentioned before that these 2 paintings I know very well as they have been around all my life, they would be hung right over their bed in every home we lived…masterpieces!


And here are some drawings of my brother Alejandro van Rooy who was a baby then…


And here is the man he was named after…a good friend of theirs Alejandro Vallejo Nagera


There was not much painting for Maron during this time in New York as it was more of a time for adventure and love between he and my mother but that is something I will let them tell in their own way…their story has so much to it, ups and downs, endless passion…I mean the notebook doesn’t even compare! theirs should be a movie but who knows…maybe in the future?

Well my dear friends this is it for today as I don’t want to spoil you to much! :)



4 Thoughts on “Maron in NY NY – Big city of Dreams and more…

  1. DaShaun M. Gaines on April 9, 2011 at 6:39 pm said:

    Amazing drawings…

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  3. Such an eye for detail, so much talent. I love the paintings and drawings.

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