Paris 4 – The jaw dropping “Les Toiles Caches” the ‘Hidden Canvas” series by Salvador Maron

My dearest friends, I open this post with a statement:

This is the most amazing collection of it’s kind in existance, hands down!

There are many I adore and am in awe about but I am going to share a series of paintings that are my very favorite and I have many favorite series so you are in for a treat!

Wow! the first Toile (cloth in French)

The Blue Knot. No no, take your time…take it in…

The Knot Knotted. Seriously!

The Knotted Knot. Oh my…

Mmmm Mmmm

Shut the door!


Another… do you see what’s happening here?

What can I say… Adore it!

The Ripped Knot. I am becoming speechless…

Here is the Red Painting With Knot that you saw him working on the previous post :)

The Blue Stripes…BOOM!

Honestly what words could I possibly come up with that will describe them justly…This series was the true inspiration flourishing and taking shape. Translating through his eyes and fingers onto canvas he created not only a magnificent collection of detail and dimension but also brought a concept of genius to the game. Think about it, to refuse conforming to standard trends and going the unique route is what transcends here. He did not start off painting things that were common, he shows the beauty of what art really is. Now the paintings are ready and the challenge is to find the right gallery for the exhibition. I only wish I could have all of these pieces but nevertheless they are in good hands and the exclusive canvas prints will be available soon.

At the same time my mother is also creating incredible designs and together they embark on their life, always together and always creating…for her story CLICK HERE!


13 Thoughts on “Paris 4 – The jaw dropping “Les Toiles Caches” the ‘Hidden Canvas” series by Salvador Maron

  1. Judith on July 16, 2011 at 2:58 am said:

    I am in awe! These are amazing, so intricate, do detailed….thank you! I wish I could have been a collector then!

  2. Alicia Ruiz Robles on July 16, 2011 at 10:54 am said:

    Dios mío !!! I N C R E I B L E . . .
    Sin duda, es un genio, de verdad, que me he quedado sin palabras
    Alegría cuentame más cosas: es obra reciente?,se conoce su obra en los circuitos del arte americano?,europeo ? no me puedo explicar mi desconocimiento acerca de su talento siendo de aquí…
    Sus manos están tocadas por los ángeles

  3. So many people look, read and enjoy, but few stop to comment. Thank you for sharing the genius of your father with us. And your mother too.

  4. marvelous Alegria, marvelous!

  5. louise despointes on July 17, 2011 at 5:12 am said:

    thank you so much to take the time to share with us all those beauties, love all of your dad work, but didn’t know those knotted ones, amazing! & as you so rightly say, take time to look
    all my love, XOXOX

  6. I couldn’t be more in LOVE with his work! PURE genius! Thanks for sharing! These paintings are some of my all time favorites. :-)

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