Maron in Paris-2. It continues and grows…

We are continuing in Paris and it gets closer and closer to what is actually familiar growing up, so for me it is a very special transition in the story…

Here in process of painting the studio in Paris…wow!                      Ph. Dick Polack

It is now blossoming and becoming. I wanted to share with you some words from my father and give you a good insight on what is transpiring…

Although the saying  ¨a picture is worth a thousand words” is well known, sometimes it is also necessary to use words as in this case when it comes to review my evolution as a painter one thing is becoming all too obvious as can be seen, my painting is figurative. I always paint what I see, simply because that is what I prefer to do, and apparently posses some skill to it, especially spontaneously without complicated techniques that I had never studied and in many cases that can be dangerous for any artist’s creative process. Yet I knew I had much to learn, and to paint what you see can not always be done using the simplest form, nor was it a novelty in recent art history, and as we know it leads to the total abstraction of Modern Art and I frankly prefer Classic Art. At the moment I was in Paris, the capital of art, in a studio worthy of any great master and a life ahead full of possibilities,it was a matter of working and I set to the task.

So well written, I can see that I write like him… But now here we are in Paris and he is painting, living, creating…

This table, I know this painting and it is beautiful, it is very personal becasue I see the table and everything on it being reminiscent of them! it is that style and feel of it. This is a marvelous piece that will be available soon so keep posted, such a nice size too!

Mi tio Pedro (my uncle) xoxoxo This painting is so well posed by him…

Painting of my mother. I want a picture of myself like this, it’s sexy right?

Here is the painting, the painter and the model. Tony Kent for French Vogue

*Almost Sisters*

My mother and Susan Bottomly, such a sweetheart and so beautiful she is, I would love to see her soon.

Here is the painting of their good friend Jose Kleber who with they stayed in Brazil, he went to visit them in Paris. Well! this is simply a beauty, I remember this piece and I always admired it, it is so classy and detail that keeps you looking…really great.

Here you go…take it all in…

Here is a portrait of Miroslava. I met her not more that 3 years ago, it was also then that they had seen each other after all this time, very nice woman. I love to see her back in time through this painting.

Here they are hanging and having some tea? That is Miroslava on the left and my dad in the middle and Yannis Thomas to the right, in their studio in Paris.

Here is Oksana, Miro’s sister…under the brush. Love to see this picture because I also know this painting.

WOW! here it is…don’t rush…take your time

This is Juan Carlos Herrera, this portrait is very interesting because it shows the style of painting that he does in a fast pace, this is a large size portrait that he does in just a few hours!

What a place!

*San Sebastian*

This one I have to add, I know and remember this one, he gets himself so well on every self portrait. I think it is the hardest part to identify yourself so well to get it to perfection the way he does. Love it!


Here is the painting of the studio, finished!

Well this certainly took me to a good place…I love the little black cat walking through :) but we have lots more to do so stay with me and I will take you to the next chapter soon!

*Don’t forget to visit my mother’s blog to see her story of this time line!* Click HERE to get there

With much love xoxoxo



14 Thoughts on “Maron in Paris-2. It continues and grows…

  1. Hazel Gomes on June 27, 2011 at 9:44 am said:

    Amazing Alegria !

  2. Henri Debidour on June 27, 2011 at 10:57 am said:

    Great Alegria you did this for your father

  3. Alicia Ruiz Robles on June 27, 2011 at 3:31 pm said:

    Alegría, thanks again for sharing this, it is becoming more interesting and the pictures are amazing! Kisses from Las Canteras beach

  4. DaShaun M. Gaines on June 27, 2011 at 6:02 pm said:

    I love this post !!!!!!!!!

  5. i would loved to have been a fly in any one of these places at any point in time.

  6. I love this piece Alegria and discovering the paintings just get’s better each time. My favourite is the first one of the table. It’s extraordinary – like looking at life! xxx

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  8. louise despointes on June 29, 2011 at 6:44 pm said:

    what a life you had dear Alegria with such talented parents, i really enjoy seeing your dad’s work, great paintings, does he still have them? i guess he must had to sale quite a few, it would be great to get them all back to do an exposition in paris or new york, or in spain, thanks to share it with us, in this tough world what a breath of fresh air to have your mom story & now your dad work
    all my love, louise

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  10. I remember my visit at the studio very well. May be it changed my life (no joke!)


    • Alegria on July 14, 2011 at 3:25 am said:

      Bernard I believe you! I would love to have been a fly on the wall myself! Thank you for reading and please stay tuned.

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