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Salvador  Ibiza 1970

Ibiza – Art, nature, living…

We travel to Ibiza in 1970… my parents just left New York because my father was called to go to the Spanish army, back then it was mandatory so off they went to Las Palmas (Canary Islands) where they stayed for a few months, he ended up in the auxiliary army reserve and was not drafted after all. Their friend Nancy who they had met in Morocco and saw in NY wrote them and asked them to come to Ibiza which is now a very popular Island in the Mediterranean Sea where all the young people go for the IN parties…back then it was so much more raw and naturally beautiful, so they went! There were a lot of adventures in these Islands but we will save those for the book. Here he is…

Below you can see a painting he did of Nancy and Sharon, they had a restaurant in Ibiza called Double Duck…I can tell you to this day she is an amazing cook!

Here is drawing Joni Mitchell…she is holding my brother :)Here he is painting

and the finished piece





Now I will show you an amazing work of art he did of my mother, it was enormous!

you can see the size in perspective here….and below the finished piece

And finally my priced possesion…another very big painting of my mother with my brother. This one is very dear to me, I own it but do not have yet in my home…it is being securely guarded by my father for now. This is a beauty!!!

From Ibiza they went to Paris via Madrid.