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16. Salvador and his self portrait LA

Los Angeles – Part 2

We are now at the point where Maron is painting non stop, portraits and requests are coming in and he is busy!

Visiting San Francisco…this was a very nice trip, my 1st and only time being there myself! time to go again! sorry, thinking out loud :). He is wearing a leather jacket made by Willy van Rooy.

Nancy‘s sunflowers” Beautiful painting!

This is a portrait of a good friend Karin, she is a beautiful woman and so lovely. I recall going to their house and visiting a lot with my parents. Big house where they loved to entertain, they had a son close to my age…I can’t remember his name right now though, I will update when it comes to me :)

This is a painting of Jack Nicholson‘s son when he was a baby.

Portrait of Colleen ’93. Wow! 93…remember what 93 was like? no cell phones, just a pager and you were big time!

Interior where this piece was displayed…I love it!

Portrait of the fabulous actress Diane Lane while expecting…

Portrait of Cindy Frey, she is married to Glen Frey who is the lead singer of the Eagles. She is now a photographer.

Posing by the masterpiece!

Here you can see him painting the wild and amazing Ione Skye

The finished piece! lovely…

Painting my brother Alejandro, this was in the 1st house we had here in the States and I loved it! it had a pool, 4 rooms and an amazing yard! it was a 60’s style home so it had a lot of character…

The finished piece. I have this one hanging in my den right now…love it!

I love this painting, and I love the subjects too! Rory Flynn, daughter of actor Errol Flynn posing with her now all grown up son Sean Flynn or who we call Rio. He has grown to be so amazing!

portrait of my mother Willy van Rooy

Maron doing one of his amazing self portraits, they are really incredible!

isn’t it far out!?

Working at home…. wow! I remember that time, I was in the 8th grade and busy making friends and creating new adventures… there is more to come but for now just take it all in and until next time I leave you with artful images that are one of a kind. Love you all!

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Oil painting of Juan Paris 1977

Juan Prat – Missed & never forgotten…

Tonight we pay homage to Juan Prat

as my father just learned a few days ago that he passed away 2 years ago, with sadness in his heart he wrote him a letter; and so I display it here to share with you while we remember the force that was this almost mythical character who has such an impact in my father’s life and course of events that took place from the moment of their meeting…may this letter reach you Juan!
My dearest Juan, I think this is the first letter I write you, you never had an address and the last you had were a few numbers easy to remember, post box 345, Marbella; that place we went together that year 1967. That summer was the last we spent together; I left after that stupid fight because you saw me tasting that forbidden fruit, something unforgivable as you had warned me. I did not know how to avoid the temptation, then there was no remedy and you did not know how to forgive my recklessness, and it was really unfortunate. The same fate had brought us together then separated us, although we met again but it was too late to share that golden dream that might have been true had it not been truncated. But how could I express the great appreciation and respect I have always felt for you, and how much I’ve missed you, especially now when I just learned that you are definitely gone from this world. Life passes, but your imprint is very deep in me, that I want to testify here, because although to my parents I owe to be in this world, the life I have in fact I owe it to you, painting, which you loved so much and with so much love entrusted in me. Thanks for everything, I will never forget you.
Here is a beautiful painting, I remember this piece very well and I love it, big size…beauty


Here is a picture of me next to the painting when I was little
And forever rest in peace…