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Salvador  Ibiza 1970

Ibiza – Art, nature, living…

We travel to Ibiza in 1970… my parents just left New York because my father was called to go to the Spanish army, back then it was mandatory so off they went to Las Palmas (Canary Islands) where they stayed for a few months, he ended up in the auxiliary army reserve and was not drafted after all. Their friend Nancy who they had met in Morocco and saw in NY wrote them and asked them to come to Ibiza which is now a very popular Island in the Mediterranean Sea where all the young people go for the IN parties…back then it was so much more raw and naturally beautiful, so they went! There were a lot of adventures in these Islands but we will save those for the book. Here he is…

Below you can see a painting he did of Nancy and Sharon, they had a restaurant in Ibiza called Double Duck…I can tell you to this day she is an amazing cook!

Here is drawing Joni Mitchell…she is holding my brother :)Here he is painting

and the finished piece





Now I will show you an amazing work of art he did of my mother, it was enormous!

you can see the size in perspective here….and below the finished piece

And finally my priced possesion…another very big painting of my mother with my brother. This one is very dear to me, I own it but do not have yet in my home…it is being securely guarded by my father for now. This is a beauty!!!

From Ibiza they went to Paris via Madrid.

NY Salvadorb

Maron in NY NY – Big city of Dreams and more…

It is time to go for it again…this time I am going to share some drawings and art work that is truly beautiful. Now we find him in New York and he is with my mother at this point, they are young vibrant, free spirited and full of adventure! meeting people all the time and going to parties, I mean this is ’68-69 so you can imagine what things were happening then, can’t you?? he did a lot of drawings of my mom and you can sense there was a lot of sexual tension…I know I know this is kind of strange for me to notice but it IS there! let’s take a peek



I can totally recognize their home decor taste on the drawing below, the bed covered in beautiful linens. They made the best of any place with the collection of items they had…to this day they remain original in their home decor like everything about them…

This one is amazing…

Ok now I will share 2 self portraits…this first one is a drawing I really like. Psychedelic much?? I mean this is a really good self portrait and he let’s not forget how young he still was!


This next one is a beautiful painting that was a set of 2, one of him and one was my mother as “The Sun”, he was “The Earth”. I mentioned before that these 2 paintings I know very well as they have been around all my life, they would be hung right over their bed in every home we lived…masterpieces!


And here are some drawings of my brother Alejandro van Rooy who was a baby then…


And here is the man he was named after…a good friend of theirs Alejandro Vallejo Nagera


There was not much painting for Maron during this time in New York as it was more of a time for adventure and love between he and my mother but that is something I will let them tell in their own way…their story has so much to it, ups and downs, endless passion…I mean the notebook doesn’t even compare! theirs should be a movie but who knows…maybe in the future?

Well my dear friends this is it for today as I don’t want to spoil you to much! :)



Travolta in Cannes

The real behind the scenes adventures begin- Maron UNCENSORED! ’66-’67

Ok guys, now it is very important that I explain that this is my father’s story, I feel it is a must that we remember that he is a Master of his craft and this is probably one of the last real ones standing today. So here is a YOUNG man who gets swept up in a whirlwind of adventures in a time where free thinking and expression was at a high. Here is where things are going to get real! now comes the moment to make a little recount of the events and take you a little behind the scenes, into the more personal and intimate aspects of this story. Although it is true that Juan de Prat-Gay was detrimental in the accomplishment of most of Maron’s achievements and apparently easy success in his early carrier, on the other hand his interest didn’t rest solely in Maron’s undeniable talent, but other more tangible physical aspects, of which my father was also obviously gifted. The problem was that Maron was not willing to play the game, at least not all the way. Juan was also very controlling and wanted to shape his life the way he seamed fit, from how to behave, speak or dress, even make love! But one thing he would not tolerate at all was the use of any drugs, that he made very clear. One night they got a ride from Torremolinos to Marbella in a Rolls-Royce that belonged to Pia de Saboya, I can show you as reference a picture of the royal family in which she is in…

a true royal Italian princess, who just arrived from Italy in the company of two young Italian “Fabio’s”, one’s who’s name was actually Fabio :), and the other was Hugo, the future husband of Menchu, everyone who is been in Marbella knows her bar and restaurant. During the ride the Italians lighted a join, and as the rule goes they passed around, Juan politely refused but my father took a hit, and as later he found out it was a terrible mistake. back at home all hell broke loose, nasty things were said and things got out of hand, Juan stabbed one of Maron’s best paintings, the one of the green pond in the park the Retiro in Madrid

that was the end of the impossible situation and from that moment on Maron was on his own. He left Marbella and went first to Paris, but as much as he had learned from Juan his social skills were no match! but at least he was free and fully enjoyed this new situation as much as a young attractive guy would, in the beginning of 67 he went to Hamburg living a totally bohemian life, lost his passport and returned to Barcelona where he then lived with my grandparents, during his stay he encountered a previous acquaintance, the actor Thomas Milian, who was making a movie in Spain, he invited Maron to Rome and drove in his Rolls-Royce with his wife Rita. There he made her portrait. Here is a picture of one of his posters…

In May he went to Cannes during the festival, here a photographer who was taken by his good looks took  some pictures of him (I can’t argue that he was very handsome!)

and here is the Travolta look alike picture :)

then back to Italy, and ended up in Holland until he made it back to Barcelona and by inertia returned to Marbella a year after he left, this time he made a drawing of Juan who had also started painting, here you can see it even thought it has been damaged by a flood

here is a drawing of a new friend of Juan’s that he met upon his return

(This drawing actually was the first piece of work of my father’s that my mother ever saw when she met him in Morocco for the 1st time…love was in the air…the colors, the lines, the essence he captured with some pencils and paper…the talent of this young man Maron!) we will pick up on this later, the meeting of my parents!

The adventures during this year & journey could fill a book! and it shall ;)

The year of ’67 would not end without still bringing Maron what he had actually been looking for all around Europe, and practically since he started to walk (in his words). By November he happened to be in Marrakesh and that is when he met my mother.


Well here it is, until the next chapter…much love and blessings xoxox

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