4-Maron back in Madrid…

In Maron’s words; after the glitz and glamor of New York and the travels to Madrid & Canary Islands, all the fun and relaxation comes to this point where he now returns to confront the seriousness of art face to face. Now we find him in Madrid and we are able to see his venturing into color and oil painting, canvas, brushes, the whole bit!…the beginning of the legendary painter as a professional career is unfolding. Here is a view of Madrid from his window.

Here is a beautiful interior still life…










This drawing above is of a young man who during this time was an assistant to Juan de Prat-Gay.

Below is a drawing of a very known park in Madrid called The Retiro. This park I would frequent during my adolescence, it was very nice and peaceful, huge park full of trees and paths you can take. It also had a big lake where you could rent a little paddle boat and hang there for the day…I remember many trips to the park while sipping on a Spanish Horchata (sooo good! different from Mexican Horchata, slightly but noticeable) and having fun with my best friend…lots of stories but we will save them for another time . Well when I look at this drawing I see the park, it takes me there…These are the 4 statues, 4 kings called “Los Reyes Godos”

I am going to include 2 pictures of the actual statues in this park and some History about them…









Many years ago school education was based on rote learning. The students had to learn things by heart: grammar rules, mathematical rules, etc. In Spain, one of the classical things that schoolchildren had to learn by heart was the list of the Gothic Kings (la lista de los Reyes Godos), that is the list of Spanish kings since the end of the roman Empire until the arrival of the Moors. The list includes some extremely odd names: Sigerico, Teudiselo, Wamba, Chindasvinto.

Now we move on to this beauty, the son of a friend called Agustin Hernandez, a known Spanish painter. It is called “boy in red”. One of his first large oil pieces.

This is “Paquita”

Finally I share with you the “Estanque del Retiro” beautiful place and painting, this is actually a large painting, it is 2 meters wide.

For now I will leave you with this…stay tuned until next time!

4 Thoughts on “4-Maron back in Madrid…

  1. willy van Rooy on February 24, 2011 at 7:33 pm said:

    So exciting to see it here unfold, thanks baby

  2. Thank you Ale, you’re ding a great job telling Pa’s history, and it’s such a pleasure to read you, you write so nicely!
    The Pilgrim recently posted..Cruellissima

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