We meet again my friends! I will now take you through what came after New York at 17 for Maron, his next stop was Paris which to him looked like an old village after being in The Big Apple…enchanting, all the old buildings and the city itself; those real french baguettes! so good. Here are some amazing drawings Maron did of Juan in Paris…remember that he is a 17 year old young man which blows my mind but get a taste here…





He came to stay with Leonor Fini who was and still is a well known painter, a very good friend of Juan Prat. She painted  mostly women and loved cats as well so she also painted them and of course Maron would come to draw some more cats during his stay and started to use colors more seriously…(Later exhibited in Madrid at “La Galeria Juana Mordo” which was a esteemed art gallery and a place I hope to go to one day to see his work there immortalized).   Here is Leonor Fini with one of her cats.

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While in Paris coincidentally Juan was offered to direct a play in Madrid called “The Cats” , Maron’s drawings were exhibited in the lobby of Teatro Marquina. For some time he would see the drawing of the cat all over Madrid, this poster was the same as the front page of the program used for the play which is below…I love the fact that he dedicated this to my grandparents on the exact date of my birth 13 years earlier!


After a short while another journey and adventure begins and this time the artist is going back to his roots…Canarias!

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