Times of joy, family and inspiration

I am going to share some images of drawings that encompass this time period where Maron became a proud dad of a lovely little baby girl ;)

This was in Paris and there was a lot of inspiration happening, he drew me a lot which he has done of my kids now (his grandchildren) and I cherish the drawings so much! I share some here

There I was 3 days old and doing what I love…eating!

1 day old…

reminds me of my baby Amara!





the next picture is adorable, I am sitting on my father’s lap while he is working…I must say if I was anything like my little ones that must have been a bit of a nightmare because they want to grab everything! but I am sure I was an angel hehe

Below is a portrait of my brother Alejandro when he was about 11, it was done in ’79

The next one was done a year later so he was 12, so amazing how much you change in just one year…

here some beautiful drawings









Below a series of flowers that my father to this day either draws or paints for my mother on her birthdays

the left one was for her 31st and the right one was for her 34th. The one below was for her 35th…



Now I want to share an amazing painting of carpets that he did, he actually did  a whole series of them well into my childhood. I remember very well all the work he put into these amazing pieces

Here is another painting of carpets that is gorgeous! Of course the picture does no justice to the detail but you get the idea…

I want to emphasize the size of these paintings because I thought at first glance you could think they are small but they actually are very big! Here you can see him working on one of them

Pictures taken by my mother, I love the way she photographs, she truly has an eye for it!

And finally a little indulgence…BEWARE of nudity!!!

That’s right! that is how we do! I am European as my husband says… So there it is my dearest friends, just a small journey into this time filled with love and family and new things brewing in the midst. Next there is a move coming but where??? you will have to tune in next time to find out!

Also follow what is happening with my mother Willy by clicking HERE

7 Thoughts on “Times of joy, family and inspiration

  1. I can hardly believe the beauty of those carpets.

  2. wonderful again Alegria, it is getting more interesting all the time. Love it!
    willy van Rooywonderful like always, great paintings and waiting impatiently for the next one… nice work recently posted..DESIGNING IN PARIS-5

  3. Alicia Ruiz Robles on September 18, 2011 at 6:46 pm said:

    Qué bien me lo paso con tus posts querida Alegría !!! Te encuentro tan simpática, jajaja y mi admiración por la obra de tu padre no para de crecer; los cuadros de las alfombras son alucinantes, y el ramo que pintó por el 34 cumple de tu madre es sublime… cómo siempre gracias por darnos estos trocitos de ustedes.
    Un beso desde la playa de tu padre

  4. Alicia Ruiz Robles on September 18, 2011 at 9:21 pm said:


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