Kashmir, India – Salvador Maron, drawings and more

They arrive in Delhi, India and start what you can call a pilgrimage…this was a very special trip for Maron in the sense of spirituality and self awareness, in that time it was still pretty untouched by the modern hands that now pollute it with the things that we see today. There was earthly beauty in this land and in a way they fit right in, in fact he was told many times that he looked Hindu so he was in his “sauce” as we say in Spain “en su salsa”. They found a beautiful house boat in Kashmir that they could live in and this was a wonderful time for them, the artist lovers and their son. My father did a lot of amazing drawings in this passage and I want to share them with you here…

2 Kashmiri women

Here he is drawing

Here is the book he was drawing…follow the story ;)

Here is a beautiful drawing of a man

Here you can see him with my brother, Alejandrito was his nickname…they are on their house house in the lake

Very nice drawing…

While in Kashmir their friend Alejandro arrived from Afganistan and they decided to go to Goa, which is South of Bombay. Once they arrived they found a beautiful house on the beach. At that time there was a war going on between India & Pakistan. But between Kashmir and Goa a year went by and since their Visa came to an expiring end it was time to move on…next stop Singapore.

7 Thoughts on “Kashmir, India – Salvador Maron, drawings and more

  1. beautiful! Lovely! Good work Alegria, we are following with great pleasure! Thanks
    willy van Rooy recently posted..ON THE ROAD AGAIN…

  2. cooky Debidour on May 12, 2011 at 7:47 am said:

    Alegria what u write and put together is brilliant its a real beautifull set up of the great artists your both parents are ur personnal writing is also fun and great on ur blog u really got it my darling kiss ur beautifull kids and man love u allways Cooky

  3. Anke Berlin on May 12, 2011 at 2:45 pm said:

    wonderful to see Salvador’s work

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  5. I enjoyed viewing each and every one of these drawings! Who is the blond kid?
    Carmen Garcia – Turista Chef recently posted..Tropical Spring Salad

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