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10. Sosoles Artiga

Los Angeles Part 5- they go to Canary Islands and I stay…

This is the time when both of my parents went back to Spain, the Canary Islands to be exact and lived there for a while. My father wanted to go back home and be with his mother as she was not doing very well, so they did. I wanted to stay in LA and start a life of my own.

I will take you through some of the work he did while there, a lot of commissioned portraits were done, beautifully indeed.This is a painting that my father did of his brother; my uncle Pedro, by candle light…this was very specific as how he wanted to be remembered. He knew his time was close and even the look in his eye was important to him. Took several days to get it just right.  He was the youngest of the boys and an incredibly sweet person. He died of AIDS way too young (missing you)

brother & sister  (Commissioned)

Canary family (Commissioned)

Portrait (Commissioned) Another portrait (Commissioned)

I want you to note that all the above portraits I just showed you are done from pictures! The following portraits are done of people actually posing (which he prefers any day!)

Teresa Maderos; mother of Sonsoles Artiga(Commissioned)

A portrait of my brother. During this time is when my beloved Grandmother Margarita passed. My father was with her; as you know it was the main reason for them to go there. He took very tender care of her until the end. My father is very caring and has never been the type to care about the neatness of a situation…he gets his hands dirty for others without a second thought; I admire that about him, the unselfishness and detachment from what is considered beauty in the world. Needless to say this was a very sad time; you can feel the pain in this piece…

My mother and idol Willy :)

Portrait of Miguel (Commissioned)

Portrait if Sonsoles Artigas. She was Miss Spain in 1987 and now owns along with her brother Patxi a wonderful Spanish Restaurant in Canary Islands called Hacienda Artigas. (Commissioned)

Here he is doing what he loves :) I can see my beloved ham in the background…

Beautiful painting; you can see the light emanating and displaying the drawing of his home land.

Painting of their bedroom…I see a picture of me on the night stand…see it?

Sonsoles collection piece.

Painting of a letter from my uncle Diego. Now part of the collection of Douglas Bergeron & Vibeke Knudsen.

love this…very Canary!

Avocados and mint…collection of Dr. Momo

Flowers from Friends.


view from their terrace

 During this time I was in Los Angeles living on my own and starting the adult life venture…CLICK HERE to see what my mother writes about on her blog!


Until next time my dear friends, peace & love