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in the studio

The Ham – the making and process of my million $ piece – me and my daddy

If I could summarize the importance of this painting and the sentiment attached I would be here a long time and frankly it is probably too personal to be able to convey in words what it is to me but I want to show you some of the process and the timeline of “The Ham”, Here you can see him working on it before I make it this world….you can see that delicious ham hanging…mmmm…it is 1977

Now here he is again and I have to say how  much I look like him on this shot…wow! Although I would use a much more stylish clip on my hair ;) but you know how men are, they do what they can…

This next one is incredible to me because the details you can see transpiring are breath taking, look at each hair! I mean it is out of this world to me…well I can only imagine 4 years of work the way he works on a painting, just all the incredible texture and dimension it has to it, let me clarify that the detail is something that leaves me in awe! too much? nah! Ok so here it is…

Ok so this next one is just because I want to and it is so cute! It is my 1st birthday and I am wearing a dress my mother made for me :)

Here he is still working on it…I am answering the phone or at least I believed I was


Here he is in another moment in time…painting

It is 1980, 4 years of working on it and finally the moment when he decides it is finished. We unveil the master piece! Drum roll….

OMG! I love love love this painting! I own it and it hangs on my wall proudly. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have. Until next time, much love to all!

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