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painting the Ham beginning

Paris and The Ham – my treasure among others & the prelude to my arrival!

The Ham    ’76-’80

Let me begin by giving you a bit of insight into The Ham and the preciosity to it…The Ham came to be 2 years before I was born, I was born October 3rd, 1978. After the exhibition he went to Madrid for some family matters he had to attend and while there he did what he loved so much which was hanging with his parents. My grandfather had tons of charisma and my dad always enjoyed an outing to get some tapas and have a few beers. In the painting The Ham are all the emotions, like being taken to a sort of a basement full of Jamones hanging by ropes from the ceiling, just curing and becoming magical (did you tell I love this ham?) The whole ceremonial way of even selecting the right ham! oh man…Ok so he goes into this place and the owner chooses the ham for him and so there is my father with his ham, which in reality he planned to eat, ha :) Instead when he gets back home he starts to do a painting of it, I do want to let you know that when he paints he will not move him until it is so dark it is basically night so there is no more light! Actually by the end of this painting the rug underneath him was tearing and completely worn out (from standing on it while painting) This painting took 4 years and by the time it was finished the actual ham was completely dry and in the end you could only make soup out of the bone.

In the meantime he also does other paintings, portraits is what he loves, painting people is what he likes best,  but hard to find the model who wants to pose… Also did still lifes, but mostly he worked on The Ham. 

Here are some of the other wonderful paintings

This is my mother Willy van Rooy wearing on of her own TuniqueUnique. STORY HERE

Here is my brother Alejandro…wow he is so little there…(sigh) :)

Armen – One of my fathers best friends, and to me a sort of godfather

Susan Bottomly – Model and beautiful person all around

S. & S. – Paris French VOGUE –                                                         Ph. Tony Kent

Carry posing in the studio –                                                            Ph. Tony Kent


My mom and my brother, I believe he has this one, it is so gorgeous and classic!

Awww…ooohhhh….aaahhhh… :) xoxoxo Ok here please note the BEAUTY behind them!!! yes that one is mine ;)

Ok…ok…Working on the Rembrandt book, in braguitas, which look mighty comfy…yep, either that or nothing if you leave it to him so :)

Book of Remrandt – ’76

Visitor in Paris

Love this self portrait (love them all though)

Purple beauties in a vase – ’77

Oh wait what is this?? is that cute baby a little girl??? well look at that, I made it! My loved ones, I leave you here and I tell you that I love you all and I thank you for following and until next time when I reveal the finished Ham, à bientôt!

You can see what is happening during this time also if you click HERE in my mom’s blog

the Nichido ...

Salvador Maron awes the critics & is awarded a Nichido Prize!!!

So the exhibition was a huge success and it was noticed by many, critics were recognizing the talent and word was getting out to the masses.

The Herald Tribune – French edition

Spanish critic Arte Guia

Arte Guia Translation:

First exhibition in Paris of a Spanish painter who has been living here for the last 4 years & whom Juana Mordo introduced in 1965. We find ourselves before one of those painters who believe en the true value of well done painting and who virtually executes the “trompe l’oeil” without owing anything to photography or to “collage”

Critic for “Le point”


“Le Point”

Hyper-realism? Well no, painting, slowly matured, precise, something precious, Salvador Maron, young 28 year old artist, originally from the Canary Islands, paints “from life” as Velasquez and Vermeer before, he likes to make sensible, palpable splendour of the cloth, canvas, muslin, velvet, crushed, broken, knotted carelessly a big quick knot, they enclose a picture frame which can be seen. “We are overwhelmed with information,” says Salvador Maron: Time to drop the curtain”. Trompe l’oeil which inclines to dream and discover, a symbol of art full of promises half-open to its secrets.

Le Pariscope


Salvador Maron
L’essentiel invisible.

One day, to carry a painting, I wrapped it in a sheet: Then I saw the sheet, its material, its folds, its movements. I found this nice stuff to paint. “Salvador Maron dreamed, it seems, to be a bullfighter. There is no muleta in the fifteen “hidden paintings ” that make up, with ten drawings, his first exhibition in Paris, but a sort of reflection on life and death through a single  and multiple subject: the fabric. The tromp – l’oeil, with its razor-sharp precision in every detail of white sheets that are knotted in the center, drapery of broken folds,  prominent embroidery, linens that wind, run or tear around the painting which appears only in reverse, chassis and string to hang. Or a piece of the painting is revealed, he has seen it on his easel and fabric with pink stripes are intertwined in complicated knots, overflow in a living mass of the fabric that should contain it. But the trompe-l’oeil is not only in appearance, because the eye is deceived if it stops at what it sees. The support of the painting, what is behind the array, is always the canvas on which the painter brushes his inner reflection.

Le Figaro below
Le Figaro
For all times in the history of art, draperies were an attractive motif for painters, from the primitive to Zurbaran, from Chardin to Matisse, tunics, tablecloths, curtains are entered as a key element in the compositions of their paintings, for  Maron (one of the Nichido Award winners) it becomes an exercise in style. No Christ draped in linen. or tables covered with cloth or window with curtain.
Its materials are still at a raw state. They are tied, torn, crumpled sheets of silk or brocade painted trompe l’oeil as modest as sumptuous. Every detail of texture, grain, scratches, weft, is highlighted. There is an obsession and derision in this Spanish artist who has adopted the realist tradition of his country. He lets off steam by painting canvases slashed as if he could not stand the order and comfort that suggests some of those velvets.
The Nichido Award. Nichido price, destined to reward an artist under 40 years of age and it was awarded for the second time by a panel including Andre Pieryre of Mandiarques, Max-Pol Faouchet, Jaques Lassaigne, Pierre Mazars, Maurice Rheims, Andre Parinaud. Over one hundred painters sent their works. From a selection of ten artists, the jury selected the winners: Robert Nicoidsky Gerard Larquier & Maron.

The painter who wins the first prize will receive an exhibition in Tokyo and later will be presented in Paris. The final selection of the jury is exposed at the Nichido Gallery until April 24.

I personally enjoy very much the fact that he is featured in 2 different articles on the same page…hello! :)

The telegram stating that he received the Distinguished Nichido Prize

Behold the Nichido winner
Above is the painting that the Nichido Gallery acquired :)
The Nichido invitation
The Nichido group
Maron on the far right above
Postcard from Leonor Fini below where she gives him endless compliments
Here with another Nichido Laureate
And finally here they are celebrating at the Nichido Gallery in Paris
you can see Maron listening attentively to Andre Parinaud with his love by his side and to see what’s happening with my mother during this time click HERE