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Salvador film

Paris 3- Inspiration & Action!

Maron’s words:

When I try to explain what was going through my mind in those days where I was trying to make my way in the world of art as a painter in Paris, the first thing I tell myself is that it is almost impossible and not worth the effort unless it is a duty and yet, the truth is that then as now and always, I was faced with tremendous doubt of whether my work could be of interest beyond the circle of friends, more specifically the closed circuit of art galleries, given that my painting style  was as nothing I saw in them, meaning that all the exhibits seem to be a repetition of the same subject and I didn’t do two equal paintings, and something told me I would never get exposed, and the thought that no one would see my paintings gave me the idea that it was best not to show any, giving birth to the hidden paintings.

Let me start by stating that this is one of my favorite posts as I will display him working on my personal favorite series…”The Knots” or the original French “Les Toilles Caches”.

It is important to understand what he was feeling and the truth which was the realization of greatness and singularity of style, classic yet modern and fresh, so well rounded in the form of art. My father felt that Galleries showed art that was in a way monotonous and it displays art that is all the same in a sense…so this brilliant idea was that a series of paintings that were hidden within a painting itself was the project to be executed and it was…beautifully!

Let me take you there

Here he is painting


working away…

taking a break to eat…believe me once he starts painting it is like pulling teeth to get him to even drink water!

Beautiful shot!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! I mean seriously!

Now drawing it! wow…

oh my goodness…look at his eyes fixed…in the zone.

We can all thank my mother for always taking such nice pictures! You can see her story by clicking HERE

I anxiously leave you here and next we will see the Knots!