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picture Dick Polak

Maron in Paris-2. It continues and grows…

We are continuing in Paris and it gets closer and closer to what is actually familiar growing up, so for me it is a very special transition in the story…

Here in process of painting the studio in Paris…wow!                      Ph. Dick Polack

It is now blossoming and becoming. I wanted to share with you some words from my father and give you a good insight on what is transpiring…

Although the saying  ¨a picture is worth a thousand words” is well known, sometimes it is also necessary to use words as in this case when it comes to review my evolution as a painter one thing is becoming all too obvious as can be seen, my painting is figurative. I always paint what I see, simply because that is what I prefer to do, and apparently posses some skill to it, especially spontaneously without complicated techniques that I had never studied and in many cases that can be dangerous for any artist’s creative process. Yet I knew I had much to learn, and to paint what you see can not always be done using the simplest form, nor was it a novelty in recent art history, and as we know it leads to the total abstraction of Modern Art and I frankly prefer Classic Art. At the moment I was in Paris, the capital of art, in a studio worthy of any great master and a life ahead full of possibilities,it was a matter of working and I set to the task.

So well written, I can see that I write like him… But now here we are in Paris and he is painting, living, creating…

This table, I know this painting and it is beautiful, it is very personal becasue I see the table and everything on it being reminiscent of them! it is that style and feel of it. This is a marvelous piece that will be available soon so keep posted, such a nice size too!

Mi tio Pedro (my uncle) xoxoxo This painting is so well posed by him…

Painting of my mother. I want a picture of myself like this, it’s sexy right?

Here is the painting, the painter and the model. Tony Kent for French Vogue

*Almost Sisters*

My mother and Susan Bottomly, such a sweetheart and so beautiful she is, I would love to see her soon.

Here is the painting of their good friend Jose Kleber who with they stayed in Brazil, he went to visit them in Paris. Well! this is simply a beauty, I remember this piece and I always admired it, it is so classy and detail that keeps you looking…really great.

Here you go…take it all in…

Here is a portrait of Miroslava. I met her not more that 3 years ago, it was also then that they had seen each other after all this time, very nice woman. I love to see her back in time through this painting.

Here they are hanging and having some tea? That is Miroslava on the left and my dad in the middle and Yannis Thomas to the right, in their studio in Paris.

Here is Oksana, Miro’s sister…under the brush. Love to see this picture because I also know this painting.

WOW! here it is…don’t rush…take your time

This is Juan Carlos Herrera, this portrait is very interesting because it shows the style of painting that he does in a fast pace, this is a large size portrait that he does in just a few hours!

What a place!

*San Sebastian*

This one I have to add, I know and remember this one, he gets himself so well on every self portrait. I think it is the hardest part to identify yourself so well to get it to perfection the way he does. Love it!


Here is the painting of the studio, finished!

Well this certainly took me to a good place…I love the little black cat walking through :) but we have lots more to do so stay with me and I will take you to the next chapter soon!

*Don’t forget to visit my mother’s blog to see her story of this time line!* Click HERE to get there

With much love xoxoxo



self portrait Paris 1973

Paris – an artist is realized and a calling pursued…

Now my friends things get serious…they are in Paris in a beyond amazing studio they were able to get into after the lady who’s father designed the place realized he was an artist, for that complete story go here…so there they were in the best artist studio in Paris, and Maron knew now that his calling was an inevitable reality. He is a painter and great artist! Now I take you through this episode picture by picture…let’s go

Salvador’s self portrait 1973.

This is a gorgeous painting of my brother Alejandro in Paris…he must have been 5. The size of this piece is very nice, I would say about 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide, give or take.

Here is my grandfather Salvador in Paris, you can see his portrait to the right of the picture…yes indeed that’s him! he was a very funny man, I remember his laugh and loudness! as a young kid I recall the phone conversation between he and my father and how loud you could hear him from a distance! :) So Andaluz he was…Un beso ABUELO!

This is a wonderful piece, a portrait of their friend Pablo and although I have never seen it live, from the picture it is as if I have, I can only imagine in person…lovely!

This is a portrait of Jesus, a friend from Spain which carries a story. He found my father through family and friends and wanted to become a photographer. My father connected him with Tony Kent and so he worked as his assistant for a while…he suddenly was affected by tuberculosis and went to the hospital, he passed away quickly thereafter, sadly and so young. This portrait was given to his parents by Maron.

Well well…here is the MUSE…my mother. LOVELY. (Very nice size as well)

Here he is doing a promo piece but I don’t have much info on this particular one…I could not deprive you of it nevertheless.

Now here is the First of the knot series…my favorite series even though they all amaze me but I particularly love the knots. To the right of the knot it is a portrait of Tony Kent, the theme of the playing card is because he could do amazing magic tricks with cards…look closely at the portrait, it almost looks like a magic trick of his face appearing on the canvas, see it? And below I share with you the knot painting it self up close

The first Toile – 1973…MAGNIFICENT! The wall that has this right now is a lucky wall…

Paris continues and there is more to come


Personal prelude of what is to come in the form of a letter…Maron, my father.

My dear friends, we are now at a very special crossroads in this venture. My father wrote a letter I want to share with you all, this is a very special project for me on many levels…for one they are my parents and I know what they are in terms of art and creativity and even then I am floored every time, even while writing this story I learn more and  more about their timeline and how it all took shape for them, like you reading this for the first time I learn something new about their story. Then this is also my legacy and what I know to be my purpose  in many degrees so sharing this with the world is very important, I thank you personally for following the story and rest assured…there is plenty to come.

Here is the letter from my father, the artista! This is a peak of what is to come and a round up of where we have been and what is next:

My dearest Willy and Alegria, first of all I give a million thanks for everything you are doing, so wonderfully documenting the history of my profession as a painter of fine arts, as the great Mirikitani said: “Now I am a great artist. ” In 1972, we were in Canada and decided to return to Europe. It was then that I made the decision to devote myself entirely to painting, because everything that had happened until then you could say “was offered on a silver platter¨. Not surprising that I was the last to believe that I could really be a true artist. The way things happened it was not easy for me to keep up the image I had created with the help of Juan de Prat-Gay. In short I mean is that it took several years and many trips to face the inevitable dilemma that life had presented me. In ’72 I was resigned to the idea that everything that I had done under the tutelage of Juan was lost or at least missing. When returning to Madrid, finding all my work saved in the “Andalucia transport ¨ ,  seemed a sign from heaven that in fact  painting was my path and Paris seemed the most logical step. But before undertaking this second part of this story, it seems appropriate to look back at those 9 years of my transformation from childhood to adulthood almost without notice..

Here is the original letter in Spanish for my Spanish people ;)

Mi queridisimas Willy y Alegria, ante todo os doy un millón de gracias por todo lo que estáis haciendo documentando tan maravillosamente la historia de mi oficio como pintor de bella artes, como decía el gran Mirikitani: “ahora soy un gran artista”. Habíamos quedado en el año 1972, en que estábamos en Canadá y decidimos volver a Europa. Fue entonces que tome la decisión de dedicarme enteramente a la pintura, pues todo lo ocurrido hasta entonces se me había ofrecido se podría decir ¨en bandeja¨. No sorprende que yo era el último en creer que podía ser de verdad un verdadero artista. De la forma en que las cosas ocurrieron no era nada fácil mantenerme a la altura de la imagen que me había creado con la ayuda de Juan de Prat-Gay. Resumiendo quiero decir que tarde varios años y muchos viajes para poder enfrentarme al dilema ineludible que la vida me había obsequiado. En el 72 ya me había resignado a la idea de que todo lo que había hecho bajo la tutela de Juan se había perdido, al menos estaba en paradero desconocido. Cuando volviendo a Madrid descubrí toda mi obra guardada en ¨transporte Andalucia¨ me pareció una señal del cielo de que en efecto la pintura era mi camino y París parecía la etapa mas lógica. Pero antes de emprender esta segunda parte de la historia me parece adecuado hacer un repaso de esos 9 años de mi adolescencia en que pase de la niñez a la vida adulta sin darme casi cuenta.

1964 – This was one of his very 1st works, let me point out that he had never been to as much as a Museum or seen any real artwork on his own., nor did he ever have any art training or schooling. This is a raw work from Maron

1965 – The 1st exhibition and no less than in New York! wow…I don’t think he would have had this opportunity if there was no talent there don’t you agree??

1966 – for this one and from what I know Marie Helene De Rotschild was a woman with truly manificent taste and patron of artists, she saw the talent in front of her.

1968 – One of the first drawing of my mother in Morocco where they met



1969 – NY

1970 – Ibiza

1971 – Kashmir

1972 – Canada

1973 Madrid

Now my beloved ones we are going to go to Paris…are you ready??