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Willy and Salvador Canada

Maron goes to Canada – quiet before the storm, the artistic storm in Madrid.

We are taking you now to Canada, this is where they felt would be a good place to take some time for themselves and since my  mother was still recuperating from being sick in Singapore & her sisters were there it was the perfect time. Vancouver was the place and the details you can follow on my mother’s blog by clicking here.

Now I want to share an amazing collection of drawings of their time in Canada ending in their time in Madrid…please look at every drawing, it is so “far out”!


This next series is a sort of diary book of drawings that I really like because you can look at each drawing and see a tale, a “trip”, psychedelic times, funny ones and personal ones, all different in their own way and unique pieces all on their own…enjoy

Now we go to Madrid and you can see drawings of my father’s side of the family, I can see my Grandmother Margarita on the top 2, her face and her hand. Then you see my uncle Pedro in the next 2…then my Grandfather Salvador sleeping…a friend Jesus next to him and lastly my aunt Margarita…love them!

Once they are living in Madrid something remarcable happens…almost a decade before he had his things and art sent through a transport service to Madrid to an address which was without anyone to accept it so it was returned and the transport service only held things for a year but then years go by and now he is back hoping to find his treasures but not very optimistically. To his surprise when he walks into this office he sees his work framed and hung all over! It must have been such a feeling to walk in and see that what you made with your hands was so revered by another, they let him know that his things for the most part were kept safely by the Director of the Regional office because he LOVED the work so much…he kept it and took care of it very well actually, had drawings framed and hanging all over his office and was fervently letting him know that he had decided to keep them and appreciate them properly. So much so that he had to apologize for giving some drawings away as gifts to other regional managers in other countries and friends of his own. Well even though it hurts to not have all of your things it is such a cool thing in reality! so there they were and they were so loved that Maron let him keep some, the ones he knew he would not leave the man’s office with ha! The rest he took back home where they belonged so many years earlier.

Here are 2 of the surviving drawings he did in ’66 from that adventure

My brother, oil 1972

My Mother, oil.

Now I am going to show you a painting that is so amazing to me…this is a painting of the 3 of them but it is done from him looking at a Polaroid photo, this was sort of an “experiment” if you will…I mean if you think about it really, he did it just looking at a Polaroid photo! I know the original painting and it is of a nice size and the detail is crazy! ok here you go, enjoy

At this point he really wants to dive into painting, it is now March 1973 and they are feeling a Paris movement…Until we arrive there…

*Foot note: you can see all pictures in larger scale by clicking on them 2 times…trust me it’s worth it!

Salv in Singapore

Singapore – Salvador, Willy & Alejandrito continue

We are in the Tiger Balm Gardens in Singapore, Maron is walking with his young son who mirrors the woman in his life (my mother). This journey was full of beauty and inspiration. The East so romantically and culturally antiquated. So now it is the end of 1971 and while in Singapore they bring in the New Year for 1972 and there he did some beautiful drawings. In regards to the above picture of my father I can only think of how much I resemble him there! wow…Now let me share some drawings he did during this time

Willy, I love the look in her eyes on this one…she is so serious which is not what I am used to! it was rescued from a flood so it has even more character. Love it!

Willy with a more calm look in her eyes :) Amazing drawing…

Self portrait. This is such a good drawing I must say of himself which I find the most daunting challenge and yet he makes the best self portraits.

Willy doing something creative I am sure! love the colors on this…

The drawing above may very well be while she was very ill along with my brother due to eating some bad veggies…she turned yellow and felt terrible! poor mama. Drawing of Willy in India but so beautiful I am adding it!

Hmmm…sort of has an anime feel doesn’t it? love it!

Sexy! I know it is my mommy but I can recognize her sexy! :)

here is a drawing of their Spanish friend they happened to see on New Years eve by complete coincidence walking on the street, his name is Alfonso O’Lasso.

Now they are back in India and they met up with friend from Ibiza, above David Bushman. From here they went to London as they could only stay a few weeks due to how sick mom and Alejandrito got so they needed to recuperate…Now we go back to the Western world where I will take you along on the next chapter…stay tuned!

Salvador in Kashmir

Kashmir, India – Salvador Maron, drawings and more

They arrive in Delhi, India and start what you can call a pilgrimage…this was a very special trip for Maron in the sense of spirituality and self awareness, in that time it was still pretty untouched by the modern hands that now pollute it with the things that we see today. There was earthly beauty in this land and in a way they fit right in, in fact he was told many times that he looked Hindu so he was in his “sauce” as we say in Spain “en su salsa”. They found a beautiful house boat in Kashmir that they could live in and this was a wonderful time for them, the artist lovers and their son. My father did a lot of amazing drawings in this passage and I want to share them with you here…

2 Kashmiri women

Here he is drawing

Here is the book he was drawing…follow the story ;)

Here is a beautiful drawing of a man

Here you can see him with my brother, Alejandrito was his nickname…they are on their house house in the lake

Very nice drawing…

While in Kashmir their friend Alejandro arrived from Afganistan and they decided to go to Goa, which is South of Bombay. Once they arrived they found a beautiful house on the beach. At that time there was a war going on between India & Pakistan. But between Kashmir and Goa a year went by and since their Visa came to an expiring end it was time to move on…next stop Singapore.