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Painting of oranges in progress..

Ibiza continues – Salvador & Willy living the life

So they have been living in Ibiza and now it was time to move on, make some money and be the nomads that they are…modeling jobs were not a problem for this couple and so they ventured out of Ibiza for a while leaving behind some treasures with friends to keep until their return. When I speak of treasures I mean all the beautiful things that they came to collect, from all their travels. I have always known them to have to most amazing things, not things that have names or brands and cost lots of money but the truly beautiful things that come to have meanings and stories behind them while possessing one of a kind beauty. So they leave to Marbella (Spain), Milan (Italy), all through those travels they did modeling jobs to make money and kept moving, the 2 lovebirds and the baby (my brother) here you can see a picture of one of their jobs while in Marbella… them along the beach holding my brother

After those travels they returned to Ibiza once more and stayed in an apartment for a short time. From this apartment you could see the sea really well and there was a rock which he drew from the balcony

Also he painted a beautiful piece “The Oranges” here in progress

Do you notice the trunk is on top of? this trunk was full of those treasures I mentioned before and while they left it to travel, after some time it never made it back to them :( so many beauties in there…Here is a picture of “The Oranges” today, owned by Micheline & Dominique Arnould

Now it was time to leave Ibiza and really start a new journey so off to Paris, once there they decided to buy their plane tickets to India which they had to buy it in Brussels and they drove in a Volkswagen beattle along with my God mother Cooky and her boyfriend at the time Pablo, somewhere along the drive they had a bad accident due to snow and ice on the road and the car turned a few times and caught on fire! they had a few thousand dollars in cash in the car.The money and Pablo were trapped in the car…it was time for action, and believe me my father never hesitated to jump in thick of it, so he rescues Pablo and saves his life and then saves the life of those few thousand dollars which was what they needed to buy those tickets! thankfully the money even though a bit burned was ok, it could be spent ;) This put Maron the artist and adventurer in a cast as he hurt his leg and broke his ankle. This obviously delayed the trip so once they got back to Paris he spent a lot of time at home. Where was their home you ask? well as usual they had an amazing place at the Place D’Iena, here is a current picture of what the place looks like

While at home he painted his self portrait…very good I might add!

Paris was the city of love and fashion but now it was time to move, see new things…So the 3 of them plan the next trip again, India! That is where we will travel next so stay tuned.