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Maron Parati

Salvador meets Willy – the magic begins!

When my father met my mother Willy in the fall of 1967 he was in Marrakesh , he was 19…

you can read the whole story in a book he wrote about it called “Willy”, available in Lulu.

The cover on this book is an actual painting of my mother I remember since I was on this earth, beautiful; he made one of her and one of him and they would be hung right beside each other…amazing. I also really enjoy the photoshop series of prints my mother Willy made of this very painting, you can see it here Willy’s Photoshop.

Together they traveled quite a bit and ended up in Brazil in 1968, in a small little town called Parati, my mother was pregnant. They spent a few months there and they were very happy. He made drawings of that beautiful place and had an exhibition in the gallery of Jose Kleber, a dear friend.


Here is a portrait of Jose Kleber

Although it was a place almost nowhere in the map, among the personalities that attended the show was the exiled king of Portugal, Don Gonzalo de Obregon y Braganza, he acquired one of his works, a beautiful drawing of Willy pregnant.

I personally really like this one because I can see my mother very well…

For now I leave you with this taste but next we go back to New York!!!



my daddy working on my priced "Jamon"

Salvador Maron – The interview

Hello there! here I will share an interview that I conducted on my father…hope you enjoy!

How did the Canary Islands influence you as an artist?

I suppose that the fact that in the Canaries there was not much information about art history, nothing predicted I would one day be a painter, that opportunity came out of the blue, literally…

When did you know that painting was your passion?

Only recently, when I finally realized that painting is practically extinct as an art form and I still believe in it.

Do you have a favorite series of paintings or one favorite piece? And if so which one?

My favorite is always the one I’m working on, but I have a special liking for my first works when I had not yet much technical experience.

How many paintings do you think you have done so far?

At least five hundred oil paintings and some three thousand drawings.

What are some of the places you have lived in and which are your favorite ones?

I’ve traveled since I was a kid, first with my parents and then by myself when I turned 16 and went to N.Y. One of my favorite places is Marrakesh, where I met my wife Willy. Also I like Oregon, where we live now.

What painting are you working on now?

I’m working on something I started a few months ago and will take few more to finish, it is a picture in oil on hard board of a monk in deep contemplation, I think I will call it “The abyss of doubt”, no doubt God is the source.

What is the story behind this piece?

That is top secret.

I know that you have also written books, can you tell me a bit about them? What subjects do you prefer to write about?

I write about very serious and important subjects like life and death, religion and God, but in my own humorous style. Also about personal trips and experiences, right now I have 13 books available published in Lulu.

What makes a painting a masterpiece?

Time. A masterpiece is a work of art recognized by a great majority and kept in a museum, before that it is only speculation.

What do you think about artists today?

Whatever I or anybody thinks, only time can tell who is who.

Where do you live now?

We live in Oregon on a farm, a beautiful place.

Considering all of the places you have lived in your life, how does your current location compare and what place and time was your favorite?

Each place has something but you cannot have everything, I loved Holland because they have the best art supplies in the world, but Oregon has all the beauty of nature and peace to work. My dream is to have enough money to go anywhere I want, but as good as a place can get nothing can compare to the place you are born, in my case is the Canary Islands.

What are your upcoming projects?

I would like to make an exhibition in N.Y. fifty years after my first one there, but that is for the moment only a dream.

How can we find your work for sale?

I don’t have any gallery representing me as of now. My website is soon to come and is under construction, but you can go directly to me “” and my prices are still pretty affordable. Still to sell a painting is quite a miracle, a real test to your vocation, I could write a book about that, so stay posted.

If you didn’t end up being this amazing painter, what else do you think you would have done?

If I had the knowledge I have now I would have become a monk, but I thank God to give me the chance to paint.

What are your thoughts on the world today and the importance of art and literature?

I’m not very optimistic but if instead of politics and military, artists could run the world; there would be a greater chance of a better future.


Ok my loved ones…until next time!

Travolta in Cannes

The real behind the scenes adventures begin- Maron UNCENSORED! ’66-’67

Ok guys, now it is very important that I explain that this is my father’s story, I feel it is a must that we remember that he is a Master of his craft and this is probably one of the last real ones standing today. So here is a YOUNG man who gets swept up in a whirlwind of adventures in a time where free thinking and expression was at a high. Here is where things are going to get real! now comes the moment to make a little recount of the events and take you a little behind the scenes, into the more personal and intimate aspects of this story. Although it is true that Juan de Prat-Gay was detrimental in the accomplishment of most of Maron’s achievements and apparently easy success in his early carrier, on the other hand his interest didn’t rest solely in Maron’s undeniable talent, but other more tangible physical aspects, of which my father was also obviously gifted. The problem was that Maron was not willing to play the game, at least not all the way. Juan was also very controlling and wanted to shape his life the way he seamed fit, from how to behave, speak or dress, even make love! But one thing he would not tolerate at all was the use of any drugs, that he made very clear. One night they got a ride from Torremolinos to Marbella in a Rolls-Royce that belonged to Pia de Saboya, I can show you as reference a picture of the royal family in which she is in…

a true royal Italian princess, who just arrived from Italy in the company of two young Italian “Fabio’s”, one’s who’s name was actually Fabio :), and the other was Hugo, the future husband of Menchu, everyone who is been in Marbella knows her bar and restaurant. During the ride the Italians lighted a join, and as the rule goes they passed around, Juan politely refused but my father took a hit, and as later he found out it was a terrible mistake. back at home all hell broke loose, nasty things were said and things got out of hand, Juan stabbed one of Maron’s best paintings, the one of the green pond in the park the Retiro in Madrid

that was the end of the impossible situation and from that moment on Maron was on his own. He left Marbella and went first to Paris, but as much as he had learned from Juan his social skills were no match! but at least he was free and fully enjoyed this new situation as much as a young attractive guy would, in the beginning of 67 he went to Hamburg living a totally bohemian life, lost his passport and returned to Barcelona where he then lived with my grandparents, during his stay he encountered a previous acquaintance, the actor Thomas Milian, who was making a movie in Spain, he invited Maron to Rome and drove in his Rolls-Royce with his wife Rita. There he made her portrait. Here is a picture of one of his posters…

In May he went to Cannes during the festival, here a photographer who was taken by his good looks took  some pictures of him (I can’t argue that he was very handsome!)

and here is the Travolta look alike picture :)

then back to Italy, and ended up in Holland until he made it back to Barcelona and by inertia returned to Marbella a year after he left, this time he made a drawing of Juan who had also started painting, here you can see it even thought it has been damaged by a flood

here is a drawing of a new friend of Juan’s that he met upon his return

(This drawing actually was the first piece of work of my father’s that my mother ever saw when she met him in Morocco for the 1st time…love was in the air…the colors, the lines, the essence he captured with some pencils and paper…the talent of this young man Maron!) we will pick up on this later, the meeting of my parents!

The adventures during this year & journey could fill a book! and it shall ;)

The year of ’67 would not end without still bringing Maron what he had actually been looking for all around Europe, and practically since he started to walk (in his words). By November he happened to be in Marrakesh and that is when he met my mother.


Well here it is, until the next chapter…much love and blessings xoxox

Salvador and MH de Rothschild

Salvador Maron makes a mark in Marbella – The Rothschild’s portrait

Here is Maron with Marie Helene Guy-de-Rotschild both in person and immortalized on canvas. He was introduced to her by a lady friend Florence Shoeler that he met during his last winter stay in Canary Islands, Florence and Marie Helene were very close.

Above you see the drawing of the patio.

This article came out in the “Pueblo Newspaper”…

Below an article in HOLA! (HELLO!) magazine

Here is the English translation

The barons de Rothschild have also chosen the Costa del Sol for summer.
Several months ago their arrival had been announced, some details are missing in the chalet they acquired during the winter and it has been prince of Hohenlohe, pioneer of the Coast and main tourist attraction, that took care himself to find the  appropriate villa and is handling the necessary arrangements. Prince Max, Alfonso’s father, was Hohenlohe agent who arranged the buying of the property. One of the improvements made in the building figures a splendid swimming pool with a natural waterfall, whose works are yet to be finalized.

The Baroness de Rothschild has quickly made friends among the vacationers settled in Marbella; and not only among aristocrats and millionaires. Her best friends are writers, singers, characters somewhat bohemian whose life has attracted her from the beginning.

Among her friends of everyday day figures a young painter, Salvador Maron, from Canary Islands, who since some months has established his headquarters in Marbella. With only eighteen years, he has achieved to be placed in a leading position among the Spanish portrait painters.
  When Salvador Maron met the Baroness de Rothschild he strongly urged her to make a portrait. And he has. Every afternoon, promptly,the baroness moves to the home the young painter shares with a remarkable writer Juan de Prat-Gay, who was director of the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, and consecrates a few hours of her time to pose for the artist.

In the painting, on a pastel blue background, there is the figure of the Baroness de Rothchild wearing a striped mini skirt dress. The painting comes out of nowhere and ends with the blonde hair of the illustrious lady surrounded by the bluish background.
After several poses, the painting has been completed. The baroness approached the house of the painter to judge the work. She was accompanied by the Baron de Redé, owner of Hotel Saint Louis, one of the most famous Renaissance palaces of Paris, and the writer Prat Gay. For a long time they discussed the likeness of the portrait with its owner. Finally the opinion of the artist prevailed. And the portrait stays just as it can be seen in the picture.

CANDIDE (French magazine)

English translation

The last portrait of Baroness Guy de Rothschild will be signed by a young painter still unknown in France, but soon will be talked about. Salvador Maron, a native of the Canary Islands rarely wears a shirt and never  shoes, paints when he wants and not for everyone, gets paid very expensive or not at all depending on his mood. His extravagance does not stop at being regarded by art critics as one of Madrid’s strongest hopes for the new figurative painting in Spain. The portraitist of the Baroness de Rothschild was discovered by the former director of the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, Juan de Prat-Gay. He is 18.

That August Pepe Moreno offered an exhibition to Maron in Marbella where this portrait was featured. Pepe Moreno (the club) was also an important landmark for socialites, many kings, princess, designers and everyone who was anyone would make a point to go to this venue to unwind and party. I found a little excerpt on Google that describes a bit of this club…

“By the latter half of the 1960s, Marbella was a fully accredited pit stop on the international circuit, which chimed perfectly with the hedonism of the swinging decade. Jean-Pierre Martel, now Marbella’s leading interior designer, first visited the resort as a child in the 1950s, when there had been nothing between Marbella and the next town of San Pedro but olive groves and the Marbella Club. He returned in 1967 and remembers an enclave of sybaritic chic. “I stayed at La Fonda – it was the place to be at the time,” remembers Martel. “There was Pepe Moreno, a nightclub that was very much like the chill-out lounge-style discothèques of today, but with a library, fireplace and an olive tree in the middle of the dance floor.”

This was the invitation to such exhibition…

Here I show you #26 Bianca Hernandez

Here is #33, the interior. This is the interior of the apartment he rented which belonged to Jimmy Caffrey, a renowned interior decorator.

Finally I will self indulge here and show you a self portrait he did which is endearing to me because it resembles my son, who’s  middle name is Salvador :)

Can you see it?? of course you can!

this is a portrait of my son that Maron did.


I leave you with this for now and until next time…